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Colossus II
You survived the Trade Center attacks
Watched clumps of business wool flapping, smack-Smash
Into the plaza sidewalks
I was there too, glass and jet scream, steel bending sounds, disintegrating screams within the heat of the explosions
What seemed
Miles too high
How slow Pieces fell in
Again through time, another tower fell
And watched from the other end
At the Merrill Lynch above the running crowds
Looking down for you in a muted shock of survival
Like the sound a wildebeest hears near death
In the lock-jaw of a lion
I made my way toward the East River
And felt the earthquake in front of The Exchange
And moved unevenly toward the east, away from the
Noise,As the cloud of death surged brown and bio-Breakdowns of hearts
And wills
Sand whips of computers, papers, mathematical figures Profits, plastic and Watches
In the atomic charge of destruction
And madness, absolute madness
And like a rat, I found a crack in a doorway
Just in time, adorned with lamb's blood as evil spirits Passed by
I thought it the end of days but it wasn't for me and you
The Colossus. And maybe something could have come
Of all that, a purpose beyond
Making money from murder and the selling of the self
Like a reckoning, like the hand of God reach out
Show mercy and stop the collapsing
Maybe build a foundation for the new Yankee Memorial Stadium
At the spot, zero
Or build the world's tallest roller coaster
And claim it for all humanity to ride-thrill
Instead, another tower


(c) 2007-2107 by Transneural Network Corporation Earth & Mars

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