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orbiting shots
orbiting shots
orbiting shots
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thoughts and pictures
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mind control...or controlled mind?

are you doing the processing or being processed?

help to escape out of the maze will be appreciated...

patience is a virtue... and I ain't got no time...


A new life awaits you at the off world colonies!!!
The chance to begin again at the Golden Land of opportunities!!!
New climate!
Recreational facilities
So, C'mon!
The off world Colonies are waiting for you!
Los Angeles 2019...
After the first atomic bomb, Einstein said: "If I would have known to what this would lead I would have been a watchmaker...
A record must be kept, for the sanity of all, I will start when the time slips begun, New Los Angeles , September 2024...
Power Gentleman, power, when an object slips out of time, it lives certain vacuum or hole in time and space, creating a gate in which matter can pass trough interdimensionnaly, the object some kind "implodes" by recreating itself somewhere else in time and space...But Sir, all of this experiments are creating storms, freak weather and atmosphericall disturbances... Oh, those are "minor implications... "he" wanted a He's got a weapon, a weapon that would amaze the most evil mind, the destruction and creation at the same time, Do you think we can correct these disturbances?...Oh I hope So for the sanity of all...
Claudio, February 2035 at the floating terminal of Old sunken Miami Beach...
Neural Organic Data Hex Terminal #9999836740284638875-029834

 Its me again I'm radiating  100% into nothingness!
It is only a philosophical idea, that time has more than one dimension, that any number of entire universes may coexist, some utterly alien, some whose differences from ours are perhaps too subtle to detect... Why am I dreaming in this language? It isn't my normal speech...
Earths where Lee won at Gettysburg  or Napoleon at Waterloo; Earths were Rome never was; Earths where another animal than man evolved toward a rational soul, or none did.
You see, if parallel worlds exist, they must be linked in a very fundamental way otherwise the hypothesis is unverifiable in principle and therefore meaningless. Deriving from the same source, embedded in the same matrix, that must in some fashion have a common destiny. Whatever manifold forms it takes, the war of Law and Chaos surely goes on in them all.
We have learned certain things. We ought to broadcast the lesson and the warning and the pleasure too.

Fisheads, fishheads, rolly polly fisheads, fish heads, fish heads, eat them up yhumm!!!
They donīt eat too much, they love go movies, you can take them along with you fish heads..
We hate America and America hate US, kiss of death taste of Coca-Cola...
This is KPFA Berkeley, your radio network...
Another Reality Videos presents Miami Bitch Vice, Starring Andrew Cunnanan, Charles Manson, Sharon Tate, Michael Chapman, and an unknown crew that was part of Dallas Texas, 1963, and 1966 Dr, Martin Luther King, (this last one a co-production of KKK-CIA film industries) and in 1968 the outcoming of the SWAT team starring in "Robert Kennedy its guilty", also an European co-production with British founding and the Arthur Rank Organization of "Lady D slipped on french butter at 200 miles per hour",..oh la la... Also, coming up this summer too, from Another Reality Videos in Association with Concorde Pictures & Roger Corman "The last barbecue at Waco, Texas".
Tickets on sale now!

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