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the martians
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The old ones...

"We are the Old Ones"

We are the old Martians, who left our marble cities and went into the hills, forsaking the material lives we have lived. So very long ago we became this things that we now are. Once we were human like, with bodies and legs and arms such as yours.  The legend has it that one of us, a good man, discovered a way to free man's soul and intellect, to free him of bodily ills and melancholies, of deaths and transfiguration's, of ill humors and senility's, and so we took on the look of lightning and blue fire and have lived in the winds and skies and hills forever after that, neither prideful nor arrogant, neither rich nor poor, passionate nor cold...


August 29th 2019...
         I'm still on Mars...
The Old Ones spoke to me:
"We have lived apart from those we left behind,those other creatures of this world, and how we came to be has been forgotten, the process lost; but we shall never die, nor do harm. We have put away the sins of the body and live in God's grace. We covet no other property; we have no property. We do not steal, nor kill, nor lust, nor hate. We live in happiness. We cannot reproduce; we do not eat or drink or make war. All the sensuality's and childishness's and sins of the body were stripped away when our bodies were put aside.
"We have left what you call sin, behind, and it is burned like the leaves in the autumn wicker, and its gone like the soiled snow of an evil winter,like the panting nights of hottest summer,and our season is temperate and our clime is rich in thought".
"We wish to tell you that we appreciate your building this place for us, but we have no need of it, for each of us is a temple unto himself and we need no place wherein to cleanse ourselves. And we suggest that you take the parts of this temple into your own new cities and there cleanse them. For rest assured we are happy, and at peace".
Claudio from Mars

think about it, thanks to Ray Bradbury..., I was raised up in his world...

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