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Saturday morning:
                            Arthur, I'm doing fine, the other day I was walking my daily 100 block walk and I came across a baby squirrel,, she or he, started running around my legs, puffing the tail, and making funny noises, then it climbed on my leg and jumped back to the ground, and started talking to me (no, for real!),, she or he was happy to find a human, walking around the East coast of The United States, (that's a country that you will live in the future), a country named like that I don't know why, Arthur, once this land was full of Aborigines, that I don't know why they disappear too, like the volcano's smoke... up in the air they all vanished, along with that, lots of things that used to be around vanished, or were replaced by robotics, among manners and human feelings, well, you will get used, boy.
The weather here it's pretty hot, so the girls too.
bus fare is one dollar and fifty cents, (add 50 cents for a transfer), I guess that when you make it here the bus fare is gonna be 15 dollars, (in not a far long period of time from now).
You have to use plenty of tanning lotion, because your white skin will fry in ultra violet (ultra violent) beams, that leaks trough the hole left by the space shuttle in the upper atmosphere, and you will look like people from Banios.
Nothing wrong with that, actually the darker your skin looks like, the easier for you to find a job will be in the near future.
Now, if you come to the United States, and attend to school my dear Arthur, please be advise, that the Law will consider you automatically a potential criminal, now, what's a criminal, what's a crime?, well Arthur, according to the actual Laws of the United States, to breath is already a crime, can you imagine the rest?.
Well talking back about the squirrel, she , or he wanted to come with me for a ride, and I told he or she, "Look Squirrel, you are protected by Federal Laws, that means that if I lay my hand upon you, or I carry you by any mean, mechanically or manual, I may be facing 10 to 25 years in jail in a Federal prison", so my dear Arthur the squirrel look at me and said, "Hey human!, I can get you a good lawyer for almost nothing", and I said no, thanks, then the Squirrel, yell at me:"Wanna subscribe to satellite TV?", "Got a credit card?", and I started running away, while the Squirrel was still screaming,"Hey Human wanna get an auto loan, C'mon Human, I'll get you a god deal"... and I just run away...
Well Arthur have a nice day..


bayer (is what it is Joe!)

now what's next?


HAL 18000

more and more... yet 2 come...

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