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ground zero for US too...


a whole library for me...and I lost my glasses...

a letter to a friend...


hiya claudio
i couldn't decide what to get you for your birthday so
i thought i would get you all the items in the dada
store here in south central (a branch opening soon in
beverly hills)...hope you like them...i spent a lot of
time looking and thinking about you...hope they can be
of some use to you around the house...

wheel rings and shoe hammers and leaf spinners
and sap balancers and floor tires and arch lights
and nose pads and sandal hedgers and window hinges
and mirror shades and tree runners and chair riders
and bureau warmers and lamp snuffers and panty hangers
and cloud freezers and book distillers
and pony cursers
and frog jets and cat nooses and building movers
and truck lifters and flower choppers and head vices

palpable unholdable synthesis of us
malleable unthinkable Truth

epidermal peelers and fly clippers
and beard viewers and coal smackers and plate droppers
and pencil suspenders and frame oilers
and cross hatchers
and magazine slicers and hat cuppers and egg fixtures
and salmon dispensers and curtain removers
and handle disposers and photographic couplers

refrigerator spring loaders and fence immolators
car dehydrators and supercilious box producers

palpable unholdable synthesis of Man
fictional unsaleable Truth

cabin sanding cleaners and furniture saturators
and rug flaggers and semiotic teeth grinders

and circular sprayers and miniature salad snappers
and black olive de-holers and capstan rivet zippers
and book pilers
and maximum density lead-filled hoppers
and steel-reinforced psychoanalyzers
and blanket stripers
and expensive vase holders
and bold-faced clock watchers
and still-born rump rustlers
and de-magnified hair scissors

super heavy-duty jacket patchers
and minty fresh bowl renewers
and symbiotic bed choosers
and extra-comfortable people holders
and somnambulist bird checkers
and hyper-vigilant poetry safe-crackers
and super-posthumous house breakers
and trouser de-greasers
and bill detractors
and high-pressure foam defibrillators
and telephone mixers
and high-impact television imploders
and financial grant particulators
and high-resolution gown de-puffers

Socratic processors radio utensils
and bread oven spitfires
lounge chair exercisers and breakfast opiate enhancers

palpable, unholdable, synthesis of you
drinkable unthinkable exploder of Truth

coffin carriers and latex spear dippers
and canvas wall tacklers and boat wideners
and bra releasers
and newspaper folders and lamp post de-stylers
and automotive forensics detractors
and space rock music refractors
and bed post collectors and broken glass categorizers
and hand bag changers and coin simulators
and paintbrush swatters
and black cherry cutters and shelf shiners
and wall plungers
and rug monuments and sandwich picklers
and sofa de-seeders
and boots made of lettuce
and bridles steeped in vinegar
and totality shaped out of nothing
and garments cut out of envelopes
and inkpads made to look important
and star manuals directed toward meteorites
and god chasers striving for non-fiction
and bullherders trained at fish ranches
and problem-solvers stumped in the corner
and government officials spinning a broken pretzel
and sophomores resting on their laurels
and a grizzled merchant looking to sell...

tried to get these gifts off to you on the 6th of the
6th but it took me awhile to wrap them...
i wish you the best of the best, the birthday of king
claudio, the gestation launchpad into artistic and
human fulfillment...
you are a not forget...
much love in the name of the overhead projector,



They named Wednesday, the 9th? of September 2004
      Besides being the Vehicles, we also are the freeway in which all of the people that are around US transit in within.
Remember the "Strange Attractor"?
"I don't want to convince you, I don't want to sell you anything, I don't even wanna talk to you, You know what I'm talking, you know what I'm saying, you are part of me ,I am part of you, we are part of a Cosmic Knowledge".
Remember the other one?
"Transneural, Translogic, Transtime, Neurotransmitting in a frequency of 1.1billion Kilohertz, welcome, bienvenidos, benvenuti, the show it's about to star, welcome back my friends to the show Thar never ends".
"Atraves de ...toda la Galaxia"
"Across the... entire Galaxy"
What else can I say ? It has no way to be explained with binary system, or sounds named speech....
You've got to experience the blessing and magic of the energy...
That thing doesn't make mistakes, It just watches, contemplates you doing  It and name it after as: pleasure, pain, bad luck, good luck, hunger, hell or angels...
If you hold in your hand a human brain, and go to a sink, and open the faucet and begin disintegrating, grinding this piece of meat and watching it as it goes down the drain, you think..." will the pipe lead to heaven or hell?".
Once I told the psychiatric doctor..."Doctor, I don't want you to cure me, I want you to understand me".
Remember the lyrics " The sun is the same in a relative way, but your older, shorter of breath, and one day closer to death...".
I got news for you from Bermuda's triangle, (Tree by nature), we don't die...pure energy, you'll see brother...
Say hello to your (belonging) wife.

So many blenders to rectify
so much foolishness to rationalize
so little moral fiber
Here we go!
Happy new year!
A festive hat...
Against the background of eternity
Life is short tackles and unceremonious
It is a hair swept aside by the wind of existence
The potential of things , yet unborn ed
And so knowing this I resolved to live my life
A simple meal
A warm and comfortable pair of slippers
On the contrary I will not leave a vague existence
A stardust of panchromatic rainbow life
And Im going tom take joy,
not in some, but in everything
Its your attitude that counts...
Ask yourself how can I be the alchemist of my own existence
Im so happy that I can barely express myself...
The secretion and absorption of the hormones in my body
Let that what destroy others inspires you...
Let what wears they down revitalize you...
Self censorship in a world of limitless horizons
Does,t his make you feel good?
It has a different ironic quality
The luminous right hand of God
And so knowing this...
I will not leave a vague existence
No more fist fights at the supermarket checkout lines with people I hardly know
It is a tale told by and idiot full of hate and fury signifying nothing

february  th 26th 2006
two weeks
dos semanas
en Ecuador
in Ecuador
self inflicted punishment for all of my commited past sins
Auto castigo por mis pecados cometidos en los ultimos tiempos
The sentence
La sentencia:
6 meses
6 months
en la jungla
in the jungle


Two Visionary Prophets at the Mt. Wilson Observatory...
February 2011
Lost Angels, California...


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